4 things that outsiders may find weird in Thailand

If you are an expat living in Thailand, you could become aware of certain peculiar customs and behaviors that are very different from what you are used to in your own country. Things that most tourists find shocking and weird in Thailand include the country’s cultural idiosyncrasies as well as the frequent appearance of monitor lizards at local convenience stores.

These are weird things in Thailand that are normal for Thai people.

Having a shortened name that is not connected to their legal name in any way

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Weird things in Thailand If you’ve made friends with the warm and welcoming Thai people, then you probably already know that most of them go by nicknames that have nothing to do with their complete names at all. It is unknown what caused Thai people in the past to not have nicknames, hence this phenomenon remains unexplained.

Several historians are of the opinion that nicknames first appeared in Thailand during the reign of King Rama IV. During this time, the Thai people began to borrow words from Balinese or Sanskrit language in order to create their full name because they believed the words to be more beautiful and to have better meanings. The names, on the other hand, are rather lengthy. Because of this, people began coming up with easy nicknames to use on a day-to-day basis, but the full names continued to be reserved for more serious settings, such as when dealing with official or legal papers. The children’s nicknames are chosen by their parents. It might be anything that the parents can think of, from a trendy term or the title of an actor to the name of a fruit or even a vegetable.

Weird in Thailand: Taking a bath or shower twice a day

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Here are some Thailand weird facts you should do when visiting Thailand. Because the temperature remains high throughout the year, it is simple to become drenched in perspiration and to end up with an offensive body odor. Because of this, most Thai citizens take a shower at least twice a day, often in the morning before venturing outside and in the evening after returning home from work. People who go to countries with colder temperatures can keep their routine of taking two showers every day even after they are there out of sheer habit.

Consuming uncooked instant noodles

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This is weird Thailand food, Did you know that quick noodles may be made into a snack that is both flavorful and crunchy? Many Thai people prefer to consume instant noodles in their uncooked form, without first cooking them by boiling or rehydrating them with hot water. The inhabitants of Thailand just rip open a packet of instant noodles, add the spice powder, shake the packet, and eat the noodles. When consumed in this manner, the MaMa flavor known as “TumYumKung” is particularly well-liked. Consuming instant noodles in their uncooked form is not recommended for youngsters. As a result, parents have the option of either disallowing their children to consume dry instant noodles or allowing them to consume “Chang Noi” instead. It is an altered kind of instant noodles that is produced particularly for the purpose of serving as a snack for children. As a result, it has a smaller bag and less seasoning powder than the other option.

Spirit houses

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San Phra Phum are weird Thailand traditions spirit houses that may be seen outside of most homes and businesses in Thailand. These spirit houses can be found anywhere from high-rise office buildings and condominiums to restaurants and department shops. The usual design of a Thai spirit home resembles a small version of a house or temple that is balanced atop a column. It is believed that the spirits who are believed to “own” the land where the houses and businesses are located reside in these spirit houses. The people of Thailand construct them in the belief that doing so will bring good fortune to the surrounding area, as well as to those who choose to live or work there.

People who live in the home or conduct business in the building may sometimes leave offerings at the little constructions that resemble dollhouses. These include things like flowers and candles in addition to food and beverages. No matter how hungry you are, you must resist the urge to steal anything from the spirit dwellings. It is a common superstition that if you steal food with the intention of eating it, either a host will haunt you, you will have awful luck, or you will pass away.


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