Thao Wessuwan is a popular amulet and statue with effective power.

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Thoa Wessuwan The most popular amulet from Thailand for this year

Talking about Thai talismans, there must be Thao Wessuwan ‘s name on the list. Thao Wessuwan is popular among worshipers because it is believed that he brings good fortune and calls the property to the owner.

Thoa Wessuwan

Thao Wessuwan is known for the appearance of a large giant. The green or red figure was holding a mace between his legs. This is a word-of-mouth belief from lighting incense and bringing roses to pay homage to the blessings that bring back good fortune, uninterrupted finances, be easily bought and sold, and success has wealth.

Tao Wes Suwan is a demon god with the power to protect and play a role in ruling evil spirits has financial power because he is the keeper of the treasures of the land and the god of wealth has the power to bestow wealth to those who practice well. Whoever hopes for prosperity in wealth, wealth, power, and fortune, worships the image of Thao Wessuwan or Thao Kuwen.

Thao Wessuwan Effect : The secret of worshiping

Thoa Wessuwan history

For anyone who is having a difficult life, finances, work, and fortune is not good. How to do it and don’t know who to turn to? can pay homage. But for anyone convenient to light incense outdoors facing north. or going to the room, lighting 9 incense sticks, 9 roses, the 5 precepts, reciting Chinnabanchorn, followed by the worship of Thao Wessuwan.

Thoa Wessuwan amulet

But if it is not convenient to travel to worship Thao Wessuwan by yourself. You can be chosen as an offering instead. It is an amulet that will have different shapes according to each temple. You can choose to worship according to your faith. By the way, we will introduce the temples that are popularly worshiped with Thao Wessuwan amulets. We also have a guideline for choosing to worship Thao Sesuwan of Wat Chulamanee to leave each other.


How to choose Thao Wessuwan, Chulamanee Temple

Chose to worship Thoa Wessuwan amulet from Wat Chulamanee. There are many things that we need to do well at home before deciding to rent and worship. What parts are there that we need to consider carefully? Take a look at the following information.

  • A coin or statue of Thao Wessuwan, Chulamanee Temple

Thoa Wessuwan effect

For the most popular Thao Wessuwan amulet form, it is a coin and a statue of Thao Wessuwan. At the Chulamanee Temple, there are many models to choose from. And each model consists of many substances such as gold, metal, powder, etc., which, if it is a coin, is usually one side of Thao Wessuwan. On the other side are other sacred objects such as famous Buddha images. or various Buddhist talismans, etc., but if it is a handsome figure, it will be available in many sizes. from the small size that can be put on the neck to a large statue for the altar table

  • Thao Wessuwan Yantra, Chulamanee Temple

Thoa Wessuwan amulet card

One of the sacred objects of Thao Wessuwan from Wat Chulamanee is also very popular. It is the Thao Wessuwan Yantra sheet. This Yantra sheet comes in many sizes. From large for putting in a frame to a small size that can be folded into a bag easily. Includes a variety of colors to choose from, such as yellow, red, white, etc., which distinguishes the talisman besides being portable or convenient to worship. There are still terms of the price of worship that are not very high. And it is easier to find than other forms of Thao Wessuwan amulets as well.

Choose from the pages of Thao Wessuwan, Chulamanee Temple.

The face of Thao Wessuwan is another highlight of Thao Wessuwan amulets from Chulamani Temple. Thao Wessuwan at this temple will have 2 faces to worship together, namely the face of the giant and the face of the god. which will have different purposes for worshiping

  • Choose giant face to protect them from misunderstandings

Thoa Wessuwan statue

Thao Wessuwan with a giant face is a normal face that we are familiar with because everywhere. By Thao Wessuwan with a giant face, it is believed that he will have Buddha’s virtue for worshipers in terms of protecting them from various dangers and also helping in terms of preventing bad things such as black magic. It is believed that it will help alleviate the bad things from the Year of the Chung.

  • Choose the face of the gods for great mercy

Thoa Wessuwan statue for sale

Although many people are familiar with Thao Wessuwan as a giant. But did you know that Thao Wessuwan is one of the great gods? Thao Wessuwan in front of the gods will help encourage the worshiper to succeed in love. It is considered to enhance the charm of great mercy to the worshipers as well.


Why should you choose to worship Thao Wessuwan?

  • It is believed that he brings good fortune and call the property to the owner
  • Safe from various dangers
  • Protect your stuff from black magic.
  • Promote love and have patrons
  • Promote trade
  • There are many temples to choose from according to their faith

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