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Thai Vinyl records in the past.

About Thai Vinyl Records Since 1894, the Thai music industry has begun recording Thai songs on the surface of the mouthpiece. The so-called “Edison’s mouthpiece” is also known as the vinyl record. The recording of Thai music has evolved in order to the present.

thai vinyl records

Thai Vinyl Records was born after the first player was born. The inventor of this type of music player is Mr. Thomas Alva Edison, the world’s most famous American inventor. He was the inventor of the first audio recorder in the world in New Jersey, the USA in 1884.

In Thailand, it was during the reign of King Rama V. Initially, ‘Vinyl’ was not discs but a cylinder Resembling a bamboo pipe. Thomas Alva Edison recorded the sound through a loudspeaker and then rolled it into a narrow slit. Later, the sound energy would vibrate towards the sharp needle. The needle is scraped onto the hard wax coated on the mouthpiece until it becomes a rough soundtrack according to the vibration of that sound becoming a rotating groove around the mouthpiece.

Interesting Thai music sheet in the past

Thai music sheet in the past

Artist: Suntraporn

Album: Please stay the same

The valuable works of the Suntaraphon band have more than 1,000 songs, including the era of “Khru Eua Sunthornsanan” still alive after his death. There are songs coming out of almost all genres and rhythms, including international Thai, dance, and Latin music. Please Stay the Same, is an album where ‘Kru Ua Sunthorn Sanan’ is the author of the lyrics, and melodies, as well as the singer himself. And there are invulnerable songs such as One Sister Nang One, Let It Be the Same and Usasawat, etc. But the song that the listener likes the most is the song ‘Pran Talay’

Suraphon Sombatcharoen

Artist: Suraphon Sombatcharoen

Album: Fake

The timeless classic album of the man who is regarded as King of Luk Thung Thailand’s first is packed with many hits such as 16 years of the past, Fake, my heart is empty, hired not reserved, etc. In terms of music, there are a variety of styles, including Luk Thung, Luk Krung, Isan, Chinese, and Blues. The diversity of these songs led him to be compared to Elvis Presley with his distinctive voice. He is also the first artist in Thailand that can compose music as well.

Lapin Charin Nanthanakorn

Artist: Lapin Charin Nanthanakorn

Album: Api Maha Immortal Eternity, Volume 1

Another legendary artist of the Luk Krung music industry was packed with talent until becoming one of the inspirations of many generations of singers. The original album in the early days is very rare. The owner must be a true fan. There are well-known songs such as Ruean Phae, Tas Devi, Klai Baan, Tha Chalom, etc.

history of Vinyl in Thailand

If anyone is interested in the history of Thai Vinyl Records. You can visit and find out more at the “Thai Gramophone and Gramophone Museum” located in Lat Phrao 43, which collects many antique phonographs and phonograph players, lac sheets, and various phonographs, including the source of recordings from the reign of King Rama V to the present. It was founded in 2000 by Khun Pruitphon Prachumphon, one of the vintage’s passionate people.

Nowadays, vinyl records have started to become popular again. can be seen by many foreign artists. More albums have been produced on Vinyl. The classic trend of the past has returned to being popular again. But in Thailand now, there are still only old records that are still being bought and sold by music fans and record collectors. But artists in Thailand have not produced an album on Vinyl yet. But in the future, there may be a new generation’s music records coming out on Vinyl to listen to.

Why are a turntable and Thai Vinyl records good music listening options?

  • The platter has a unique sound. The throat will have noise mixed with him in the sound as you play music.
  • classic
  • Feel relaxed when listening to music through the turntable.
  • It is a good collection.
  • Reasonable price

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