Thai Opal Jewelry is made from 100% real gemstone diamonds.

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Thai Opal, the jewel of love and hope

thai opal

If anyone is fond of gems, and minerals, must know the gem called Opal. Because of the red sparkle of ruby opal, a purple amethyst glow, and the green of emerald merged within itself. One of the famous and popular gems used to make jewelry in Thailand.


Thai Opal is a crystal of silica and water. Its water content can range from 3% to 21% by weight but is usually between 6% and 10% due to its amorphous nature. Therefore, it is considered an amorphous mineral. It is not counted as a mineral. Unlike other crystalline forms of silica which are classified as minerals. Usually occurs in sources at relatively low temperatures and may occur in cracks in a variety of rocks. The most common are limonite, sandstone, rhyolite, marl, and basalt.


rainbow of colors Opal

Opal gemstone in one pill combines the source of the endless rainbow of colors. Therefore, each tablet is unique. Not only the variety of colors that compete on the gemstone only. When turning the Opal in different directions you will see the dimension of color that is unique even on one side.

It is said that thai Opal is the gem of hope, pure love and desire are associated with foretelling both good and bad, and help promote success. It is believed that the person who wears this gem will get what they want, protection from enemies, Healing of a confused mind, and having a better memory. There is also the belief that Opal is a gemstone that falls from the heavens at the moment of lightning. That way there are a variety of unique colors.

The word opal is derived from the Sanskrit “UPALA” meaning precious stone. Opals have been known for thousands of years. Archaeologists unearthed the oldest opal, 6,000 years old.

Types and types of opals

Precious Opal

  1. Precious Opal It is an opal with a very beautiful and high-value, rare iridescent play of color that is reflected from within itself. Precious Opal has a luster that is not very high and has a relatively low hardness. The play of colors is not very deep. Therefore, this type of opal is not cut as a facet. In addition, the Precious Opal is transparent and sometimes has transparency.

Fire opal

  1. Fire opal or Sun opal is classified as an opal with the highest value after black opal. Some tablets may be equivalent to or more expensive than black opal depending on the beauty of each grain. They are colorless, brown, light yellow, and dark reddish-brown. The so-called Fire opals are because when they are seen under the light. You will see the color reflected on the skin like the appearance of a fire, similar to a normal flame.

Common Opal

  1. Common Opal This type of opal usually has no color play. Some may be opaque and some may be translucent. Divided into several types, such as Milk Opal, the color is hazy, milky white, sometimes with green, yellow, and faintly blue. Some textbooks say that it looks very translucent. Sometimes it may appear bluish and green and white or if there is a stigma inserted like algae, it is called Moss Opal.


Opals are commonly used to make various opal jewellery Whether it is a ring, a necklace, an earring, a brooch, etc. The cabochon is cut to see the opal pattern more clearly.

ring opal rainbow opal ring

opal jewellery opal necklace

How to care for opals

  • to prevent changes in color playback should be kept away from heat, dirty oil, and acid-alkali chemicals.
  • to maintain beauty for a long time. Avoid insertion into activities that are at risk of shock, separate from other types of jewelry, and put in a soft box or velvet box.
  • Cleaning After wearing. It should be washed with plain water, using a soft towel to wipe it dry. Do not use an ultrasonic machine because it will cause the opal to crack.

opal gemstone

Why should you buy Opal?

  • The unique beauty of a variety of colors is like a rainbow.
  • Promote love and desire based on beliefs
  • Each Opal is different.
  • There are a variety of colors to choose from according to each person’s needs.
  • Various and beautiful jewelry options.
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