Thai Herbal Toothpaste

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Ingredients :

  • Cloves
  • Red moon
  • Borneo camphor
  • Camphor
  • Spear Mint
  • Sea salt
  • White clay filler

Size : 45 gram, 100 gram


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Thai Herbal Toothpaste

Herbal toothpaste is natural toothpaste. Therefore, there are no substances that are harmful to health. While most common household toothpaste contains a large number of synthetic chemicals. Including cleaning agents, preservatives, coloring agents, flavors and odors, as well as antimicrobial agents. These substances will have a detrimental influence on health in the long run.

It is different from using natural herbal toothpaste that does not leave any detergent residue in the body and can also increase its properties by choosing herbs that are easily available as components of toothpaste. In fact, there are natural substances that can use to clean teeth thoroughly. It also makes teeth and gums strong a lot. Many herbs have properties that help treat and prevent tooth and gum disease as well.

Components of Herbal Toothpaste

thai herbal

Most of them consist of herbs that have been well known since ancient times. Helps to maintain teeth’s surface and whiten teeth. Has the effect of suppressing infection. At the same time, it will help the enamel as well. The clove used is usually an oily flower. Clove oil has a mild antiseptic effect. Helps reduce tooth sensitivity, eliminate bad breath and treat purulent gums, swelling, redness, and inflammation.

Important Constituents and benefits

thai herbal

  • Abrasives to scrub the tooth surface. Get rid of food waste. Stains on the tooth surface In ordinary toothpaste, calcium carbonate is used as an abrasive agent. For natural toothpaste, use calcium carbonate and table salt, baking powder, or sodium carbonate. Generally, herbal toothpaste does not use abrasives containing aluminum but will use calcium compounds such as calcium carbonate including using table salt baking powder or sodium bicarbonate. The amount of abrasive used in toothpaste production It is used from 2-50% which is the weight according to the industry standard. Stipulates that abrasive substances in toothpaste products are produced for sale. Must have abrasive content of not less than 40%.


  • Cleaning agent Improves efficiency in cleaning teeth. Substances are used as surfactants as soaps or detergents. Brush your teeth and make bubbles. This substance is non-toxic. Do not irritate the oral mucosa. Regular toothpaste uses a detergent. The popular one can be used up to 2%, but for this natural toothpaste, use no more than 1-2% soap powder or table salt. It can help clean as well.


  • Bactericidal agents act to reduce oral bacteria in common toothpaste. Usually use triclosan that are the same type used in medicinal soap In natural toothpaste, baking powder, ground herbs, and essential oils.


  • Moisturizing agents are used only in creamy toothpaste as a sweetener to sweeten the toothpaste. It is not an essential substance at all. In case of use, it will use glycerin or sorbitol.


  • Flavoring and coloring agents in natural herbal toothpaste. It uses essential oils and herbal extracts. In addition to helping flavor and flavor of toothpaste. It also increases the preventive properties of oral diseases such as peppermint essential oil, cinnamon powder, clove powder, etc.


  • Fluoride is a substance that helps strengthen tooth enamel, prevent tooth decay sodium fluoride phosphate. Must be used in a very diluted amount. There are precautions for use for children under 6 years old. After using, just spit out a lot of water, should not be swallowed but in natural herbal toothpaste will not be put.

herbal essential toothpaste

  • Effectively clean teeth and oral cavity
  • Eliminate bad breath by keeping the mouth clean and fresh
  • Effectively remove stains from tea, coffee, and cigarettes
  • Reduce plaque and limestone effectively
  • Aids in the strengthening of gums and teeth
  • No spoilt saliva in the throat, reducing the risk of catching a cold important component
  • Clove, red sandalwood, borneol, camphor, and spearmint


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