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Thai alphabet Practice Thai language easily at home.

Thai alphabet

About Thai alphabet Did you know that when the Thai language did the alphabet originate? Language has always evolved from speaking and writing. In the old days, there would not be as many words as today. For the alphabet character, if going back to millions of years, it can be seen from that historical discovery. Symbolic images are used to record stories. Time passed; everything has evolved. Until now, many words have changed with the times. Especially what we call teenagers or slang words.

Thai alphabet characters

We have used our characters since the Sukhothai period. The Thai alphabet does not have a separate uppercase or lowercase letter like the Roman alphabet and no spaces between words at the end of one sentence, it ends with a space.


Thai alphabet history

Thai alphabet history

Around the year 400 BC, Thais migrated from their former homeland to settle down near the Mon territory which was a prosperous nation in those days Initially. They began to imitate the characters from the Mon. Later, around 1500 BC, when the Khmers expanded their power into the Thai people’s territory, located along the Yom River and ruled the city of Chiang Rai and the city of Sukhothai. Thais have begun to modify the existing characters to resemble the Khmer script.


Khmer script

The Mon and Khmer scripts that Thailand has adapted and used are all characters that have been converted and morphed from the Phra Mi script of the Brahmins, which are prevalent in northern India, and Sanskrit characters during the Pallava dynasty which is prevalent in southern India. Both of these Indian scripts were taken from another class of the Phoenician script. The Phoenician alphabet is considered to be the oldest and is a template for the characters of various nations both in Asia and Europe.

Around 1826, King Ramkhamhaeng invented the Thai alphabet known as “Thai Lai”, which was based on the existing Mon and Khmer scripts. Make Thai characters look similar to both characters. although some are not similar but can know which letter is adapted from

Thai alphabet are constantly being updated. In the Phaya Sai era, around 1900, the letters were slightly distorted. Especially the addition of the female figure, which is used to keep in touch until today expected to be taken from Cambodia in the reign of King Narai the Great, around 1680 B.E., the letters began to look better but did not leave the original one. There are only a few that have been modified, namely ฎ and ธ, which are the same as they are currently in use. Many scholars believe that during the reign of King Narai the Great The font and usage are most similar to those today.

Thai characters

For those who begin to study, Thai alphabet chart with english are not difficult to memorize. Because there is not a large number of letters, only 44 letters and 32 vowels only if there are only pronunciations that sound similar. So if there are mnemonics like posters, letters, Thai teaching books It will help in matters of memory quite a lot. These helpers are sold as a poster. Memory cards and books If anyone is interested, they can buy them online.

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Why should you buy a poster with Thai alphabet letters?

  • Helps in memory for beginners to learn Thai
  • Help with separate pronunciation of each letter.
  • have pictures to help remember
  • Suitable for those who are interested in the Thai
  • Reasonable price
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