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Thanaka is a famous natural product from Myanmar and Thailand.


Country of Thanaka’s Birth

The tropical regions of Asia are home to the thanaka plant, specifically Burma and Thailand. Following this, it expanded to neighboring countries and regions, including India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Laos, China’s Yunnan Province, and others. Particularly prevalent in northern Thailand, particularly in the western section near the Burmese border. They like to live in higher elevation (100–400 m) mixed deciduous forests, dry evergreen forests, and deciduous dipterocarp forests.

Thanaka powder is a natural substance used for skin care and sun protection in Burma. People of all ages rub it on their faces and bodies. The myanmar thanaka tree’s wood powder. or the Krachae tree, as it is called in Thailand. These days, it’s refined into a convenient flour product with well-known characteristics in Thailand that’s ready for immediate usage.

A log of Tanaka sticks was permanently fastened to the side of every Burmese home. Using a combination of rain on the spherical stones and a little water, the powder is made white and yellow. Thanaka burma has several potential uses and may be administered to practically any area of the body. And many different benefits are touted, including nourishing the skin to make it white, smooth, attractive, less prone to wrinkles, and neither too oily nor too dry. Moreover, it may be used to treat acne and prevent melasma.

Thanaka benefits

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Thanaka products also possesses a vital ingredient called Marmesin, which blocks the sun’s harmful rays from penetrating the skin. Arbutin is an effective melanin inhibitor. Protects against the bacteria-fighting pigment Suberosin and unsightly freckles. Helps in the treatment and prevention of acne. But just how trustworthy are Thanaka’s purported skin-nourishing properties? The following contains a listing of scientific details.

  • Nourish and treat skin problems Both small and large Burmese women use Tanaka powder to nourish their face, body skin, reduce wrinkles and treat acne and blemishes for a long time. until the finished Thanaka powder product became popular among Thai women later Available in both a powder type that needs to be mixed with water before applying and a cream type.
  • Protects skin from the sun’s harmful rays It’s more than just a skin-friendly aid. Since ancient times, people have used tanaka to shield themselves from the sun. Its fame extends beyond the borders of Myanmar. However, it is also widely spoken in other countries like as India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, etc.
  • Tanaka has been proposed as a sunscreen that blocks the sun’s aging rays and prevents premature wrinkling. Research conducted in a lab demonstrated that marmesin, a UV absorber, could be found in Tanaka bark extracts. In particular, long-wave ultraviolet A (UVA) radiation, which is far more prevalent on Earth than short-wavelength ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation, and which causes significant skin damage. Many sunscreens have organic components that help block harmful UVA rays.

However, people who often spend time in the sun should protect themselves with sunscreen. Just to double-check that it’s protected against UVB radiation, too. This type of radiation is therefore significantly more destructive to the skin than UVA radiation, despite the fact that it poses less of a hazard. It makes you more susceptible to sunburn and redness and increases your chance of developing skin cancer.

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Is Tanaka a good cosmetic option?

About Tanaka side effects Simply because there are so few research evaluating the efficacy and safety of Thanaka. As a result, not a much has been documented here. However, evidence from lab analyses of the constituents of this organic compound. No skin or body-damaging heavy metals like mercury or arsenic have been discovered in Tanaka.

Unfortunately, Tanaka powder has been linked to allergic reactions and skin irritation in some users. and most importantly, on the face where skin is thin and easily damaged. Therefore, a skin prick test or a tiny coating should be applied to the inside of the elbow or the back of the hand to check for allergies to Thanaka powder. In the absence of a rash or other odd signs, you can safely apply it to your face and other regions of skin.

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