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Kra tip is the name of the Sticky rice container.

sticky rice container

A sticky rice container or Kra Tip is a Thai traditional method of storing food that also serves as an important craft and draws on a wealth of indigenous knowledge. It has a long history of use in Thailand’s northeastern and northern provinces, where it is considered a staple food. Rice or seeds that have been cooked and then stored in it after being packaged. You may even put it on display as an ornament in your home or use it to adorn other areas. It is a type of wicker made from natural materials such as bamboo, palm leaves, saplings, or other long and thin plants.

The origins and development of sticky rice container in Thailand

sticky jasmine rice

Weaving on sticky rice basket is a handicraft that originates from agricultural societies. Taking into consideration the historic significance of eating sticky rice as a staple meal in the northeastern and northern regions of Thailand Glutinous rice has traditionally been preserved in containers fashioned from small trees. Sticky rice can be preserved in cylinders built from tree trunks that have been hollowed out, or cylinders made from bamboo that has been cut into small pieces and arranged in a cylindrical fashion.

After that, we thought about how easy it would be to go to the location as well as how much bamboo there was nearby. If the bamboo is carried from the original location, there is a possibility that there will not be enough. Additionally, the vessels used for sticky rice were traditionally rather huge and unwieldy. Long distance travel makes it harder to transfer this item.

So, they came up with a scheme to ship in bamboo and break it up into bits. separating into thin layers That’s why the bamboo was woven into a bag for sticky rice; it’s light, airy, and great at keeping the moisture out.

This way, the sticky jasmine rice won’t get too mushy after being steamed. The convenient shoulder strap allows for hands-free carrying. Single-serving containers of glutinous rice, for example, may be purchased in a range of sizes and forms, as can jars for storing other foods. Plenty roomy for a family of four, comfortable for a couple, etc.

sticky rice container is a handicraft of Thai people. woven from bamboo, not in plastic

sticky rice basket


To what other pursuits the weavers will devote their time when they are not working the land. Make baskets out of the materials found locally to get individuals of all backgrounds working together on a creative project. in addition to tending to the requirements of their own houses and the people in their families sticky rice bamboo basket weaving is a hobby that is frequently practiced among households and communities.

Following the meal, members of the family will congregate to assist one another with their respective projects. in order to foster unity, as they will be communicating their thoughts on various aspects of life as they collaborate on a project together. coupled with transmitting information to subsequent generations by way of education to their own children and grandchildren, which culminated in the development of a regional wisdom that was handed down and transmitted from one generation to the next. A well-known example of folk workmanship, wicker goods are distinguished by their distinctive design. the pristine splendor of nature. It reflects the Wicker’s independence as well as a demonstration of their inventiveness and creativity.

Sticky rice container Bring to light the ethical significance of comprehending the utilization of natural materials in concordance with the surrounding living environment. In addition to this, it preserves a cultural identity that has been handed down for a significant amount of time.


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