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Top 10 Muay Thai Brands that are quality and popular right now.

Top 10 Muay Thai brands The sport of Muay Thai is known as the popular national sport. Famous all over the world. The art of preventing death according to Mae Mai Muay Thai that everyone accepts. Foreigners also love to learn Muay Thai in Thailand.

Top Ten Muay Thai Brands

Of course, The important thing is the uniform and the equipment to prevent injuries. It is indispensable. You must choose a quality brand. These boxing essentials include knee pads, mouth guards, shorts and rash guards, headbands, hand bands, knee braces, and boxing gloves.

Today we have compiled the top 10 quality Muay Thai brands that guarantee both quality and design because the safety of the body is the most important.



This world-famous American brand produces equipment. Essentials for mixed martial arts, clothing, accessories, and boxing. The company was founded by Jacob Golomb in New York about a hundred and ten years ago.

Their latest products include EverCool, EverFresh, and EverGel, which regulate body temperature, disinfect and support hands, respectively.


Revgear Muay Thai


Revgear has been in the industry since 2000 and they have been in the business of manufacturing and distributing quality boxing and MMA shorts, gear, wraps, gear, protective gear, gloves, etc.

If you are new to the art of boxing, Revgear is a good choice. There are tons of quality items at reasonable prices for those who are just starting.

Revgear also manufactures equipment used in gyms and other martial arts such as kickboxing, jujitsu, taekwondo, Muay Thai, karate, and Craft Maka, and is also very famous in MMA as they support fighters like Charles Oliveira and Tim. Kennedy.



They are famous for everything used in boxing training and all MMA equipment. Some of the fighters supported by this brand are Rory MacDonald, Chapel Sonnen, and Roy Nelson.

The Bushido Code, famous among the Japanese, states that all martial artists should craft their weapons with respect and skill that is unmatched in any other culture.

Hayabusa continued to use this code in his commitment to scientific evolution. Therefore, Hayabusa produces quality equipment, clothing, and gear. They also produce motorcycles and spaceships in martial arts. Their products range from small foot grips to large heavy bags.




RDX is famous for its sportswear and you can expect to find some of the best boxing gear from this brand. This brand was inspired by the desire to endure discomfort while pushing the limits of what is possible.

From boxing gloves to sandbags and everything in between. Whether you’re a 270-pound heavyweight or a young boxing enthusiast, RDX can help.




Venum started in Brazil in 2010 and is famous for its athletic shorts. But now they are very popular in the United States and are mostly associated with MMA and a variety of boxing gear.

Venum is also the sponsor of the top ten professional wrestlers. They supported fighters such as Martin Kampmann, Lyoto Machida, Miesha Tate, Jim Miller, Carlos Condit, Mauricio Rua, Brad Pickett, Jose Aldo, and Fabricio Werdum.

Because they offer quality products. They are therefore one of the best manufacturers of MMA equipment today.


Century Muay Thai


Century has been the world’s largest manufacturer of martial arts equipment. Their products are very lucrative. Service and customer loyalty are truly captivating. They are famous for their various and valuable martial arts equipment.

At Century you have access to everything you need for beginners and MMA fighters or professional boxers. They also support martial arts fighters like Shane Roller and Johnny Hendricks.


Shock Doctor Muay Thai

Shock Doctor

Shock Doctor is famous for its rubber teeth and other protective gear for boxing and martial arts.

Twenty-two years ago, he received his first patent for a rubber crown and since then he has continued to advance in the science and technology of the production of dental crowns.

Today, the brand not only supports the National Football League elite athletes but also improves the fit of custom gels with multi-layered technology in a design that weighs less and lower.

Products of this brand are very affordable. You can also buy teeth for as little as $5. Shock Doctor has upped his game in the industry by making tons of MMA protective gear.


Bad Boy muay thai shorts

Bad Boy muay thai shorts

Bad Boy is famous for making clothes, protective equipment, and electrical equipment necessary for boxing. They support fighters like Alexander Gustafsson, Chris Weidman, and Demian Maia.

This brand originated in California about two centuries ago. Specializes in the production of clothing for skaters. surfer and dirt biker. Ten years later, Bad Boy became famous in Jiu-Jitsu after he began supporting Rickson Gracie. A century later, Bad Boy produced their first MMA short as Vale Tudo became more popular in Brazil.




Tapout was founded by Charles Mask Lewis Junior about twenty-three years ago. This brand supports more fighters than any other brand on this list.

They support fighters like Donald Cerrone, Johnny Hendricks, Robbie Lawler, and Roy Nelson.

This brand is very famous in MMA history for being the first brand to join MMA. It specializes in producing very durable MMA clothing. As well as adversity Tapping out is very popular among MMA fans. They also sell other gear. used in boxing.


Top King Boxing

Top King Boxing

Top King is another boxing brand to choose from. Although their main goal is mainly Muay Thai fighting equipment.

Initially, the brand only made special T-shirts that helped athletes’ bodies improve performance by thermoregulation. This shirt keeps the wearer dry and calm during training.

Unlike most of the brands on this list, Top King isn’t that popular in boxing and other MMA sports, but they do have some cool boxing gear and Muay Thai gear.

Lastly, all the brands mentioned above are quality and reliable. No matter what brand you decide to buy. cheap or expensive would like to consider the quality and safety that our equipment will help prevent accidents and unexpected injuries.

Why should you buy good Muay Thai equipment?

  • Good quality will help prevent a lot of injuries.
  • making it possible to practice fully
  • can be used for a long time
  • worth the price paid

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