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Rama Sculpture: Pra Ram (Rama) the most powerful king in the world.

Rama Sculpture production according to history Many people may know Ramayana which is one of the important literature from Thailand. The origin of the story is from Indian literature. Ramayana literature that appears in the Thai language is the earliest evidence of the mid-Ayutthaya period. and there are other editions that continue until the present.

Rama Sculpture

Ramayana or Rama Sculpture is probably from the Ramayana of India, which is a prevalent tale in South Asia. Later, Indian civilization spread into Southeast Asia. Ramayana’s story became the best-known tale and adjusted the content to be following the culture of that country until becoming national literature. It appears in many nations such as Laos, Burma, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Indonesia, all have the Ramayana as their national literature.

Rama or Pra Ram is one of the main characters of the Ramayana story. It is said that Rama is Vishnu’s incarnation and was born as the son of Thao Thotsarot and Nang Kao Suriya to defeat Ravana. Rama had three brothers and sisters, namely Phrata, Lakshmana, and Sattruth who were all very fond of each other. Rama’s wife is Sita. Rama has a green body and can appear as Vishnu with four arms. His weapon is an arrow which is a magical weapon given by Shiva.


The important roles of Rama in the Ramayana story

  • When he was young, Rama received a liberal arts education with the Swami or Wisawamit hermit office and dared to kill the scum and Swahu, which disturbs the hermits.
  • Thao Chanok Chakrakhak (Hermit Chanok) has given the kings to compete with Sorn Ratanathanu to marry Sita. Rama was able to raise the jewels successfully and was married to Sita. On the way back to Ayutthaya able to subdue the demon (a giant with an ax) and get arrows from the demon.
  • has killed the prince and Phrayathat Mrs. Samnakkha’s brother
  • during the trekking defeated the giant pigeon
  • has helped Sukreep defeat Pali
  • go to war with Ravana and succeeded in killing Ravana
  • establishing a colony to rule the city of Lanka

In addition, Rama is also a deity worshiped by people according to Hinduism. which would be a Vaishnava sect that worships Vishnu and his incarnation especially Krishna and Rama the nature of this sect, in general, is Not the appearance of a monk attached to a monastery Instead, it focuses on community activities and devotional practices.

This love of fun originates from implying the “playful, cheerful and fun” nature of Krishna and other avatars, so rituals and practices are often filled with communal dancing, singing, and music. Both Kirtan and Bhajan are believed to have the power of meditation and spiritual power.

Rama in Thai beliefs

Thai people believe that the monarch is considered an incarnation of Vishnu. Therefore, the name of the king always had the word “Ram” such as King Ramathibodi I (King U-Thong) or even during the Sukhothai period. There was a king named Ramkhamhaeng.

At present, besides the story of literature and religion. In the arts, these characters are also drawn to create works. Especially sculptures that were created in a variety of formats.

But a brass sculpture looks very popular in Rama that was cast in the manner of drawing a bow and arrow. Most of them will buy to worship. Some are to enhance the feng shui position of the house or just buy with a passion for the beauty of the art itself, depending on the preferences of each person.

Lastly, if anyone wants to know more about Ramayana you can find information on the Internet. In addition, this literature has been made into movies, TV series, theater, or if you are interested in sculptures of Rama and other characters. You can buy them through online channels as well.


Why should you choose Rama Sculpture?

  • It is a work of art that is worth promoting.
  • worship according to religion
  • Add Feng Shui to your home
  • Sculpture collectors should not miss it.
  • Reasonable price


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