Linen Clothes in Thai Style

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  • Linen and cotton blended clothes
  • Moisture-wicking linen and cotton mix fabric of excellent quality.
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Allows for a pleasant and breathable wearing experience.
  • Hand wash
  • Modern designs

Size : Bust 44 – 48 Length 27


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Linen Clothes in Thai Stylish fabric handmade

A fabric made from the fibers of the flax plant. This fabric requires a lot of manufacturing processes such as fermentation, drying, grinding, and combing until it becomes the fibers used to weave clothing as commonly seen on the market. Linen was also used as a substitute for money in ancient Egypt. In addition, the mummification was wrapped in linen to signify light. purity and wealth.


Linen is a fabric with tough fibers. Slightly stretchable but easily broken or creased. The accidental wrinkle of wearing a linen garment is a charm that is hard to find in any fabric. Including the ability to breathe well on top of all fabrics. Consequently, the image of linen clothing is often constrained in the style of relaxation and comfort.

Even linen is one of the best and is often produced for sportswear. Including handkerchiefs and tablecloths, but in fact, they can also be made into formal wear as well. And when paired properly, they can create a very different, casual look that is quite interesting. This linen is well suited to the hot and humid terrain of Thailand.


Linen with Thai Handcrafts


Present, Thailand’s villagers have processed them into products such as clothes, pillows, blankets, bags, etc. Creating a reputation throughout the world. As a result, foreigners who come to travel to Thailand are fascinated. Even traveled to search for various sources in order to buy sticks to use for themselves or as a souvenir for relatives and friends. Generate income for the country by more than a billion baht per year.


Most of the linen is traditionally handcrafted by Thai people that are popular with foreigners and the general public. Currently, some manufacturers have modified their structure by using Rayon fibers, known as “artificial silk” by the locals, as part of their products. Some may be made from blended yarns of different types of fibers.


Linen Care

Clothes made of linen should be cleaned by hand because it is wrinkle-free, simple to iron, and wash white linen should be hand-washed in hot water Linen that has been dyed and should be washed in cold water to help eliminate stains, use an enzyme-based detergent.


Washing Linen Clothes

The steps for hand-washing linens are as follows:

  1. Soak the linen in water for a few moments before lifting it up and gently squeezing. Soak the cloth in the detergent that has been set aside. Allow the detergent to eliminate the dirt by soaking it for a few minutes. Then rub all of the dirt out with your hands then remove it from the detergent water gently squeeze out the water. Twist the cloth gently rather than aggressively to avoid creases. You may also use chlorine bleach.
  2. Wash the cloth 2-3 times in clean water until the detergent is exhausted. Soak in a water bath. Mix some fabric softener for a moment then lift up to expel water.

Drying linen clothes

This can be done by placing the washed linen on a hanger and

drying it in the sun, but not for too long., and then letting the air dry enough to be ironed.

Ironing of Linen Clothes

This can be done by taking wrapped linen clothes or aerating them enough to iron using high heat and to be ironed inside so that the outside is oily.

Linen Clothes Storage

After ironing, hang it on a hanger and put it in the closet.


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