Kratib khao neow bamboo containers for sticy rice.

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Kratip Khao Neow Thai bamboo container by Isaan people

Kra Tip

Kra Tip is a container for food storage that is a significant craft that is rich in indigenous knowledge. In the northeastern and northern regions of Thailand, it has been a staple for a long time. Used for packaging or storing steamed sticky rice or seeds. Or can use it as a household ornament or to decorate various locations. It is wicker produced from natural materials like bamboo, palm leaves, palm leaves, saplings, or long and thin plants.


History of Kratip in Thailand


Kratib weaving is an agrarian society-based handcraft. Considering the cultural significance of eating sticky rice as a staple cuisine in the northeast and the north of Thailand Glutinous rice has traditionally been stored in vessels fashioned from tiny trees. Sticky rice can be stored in cylinders made from hollowed-out tree trunks, or cylinders made from bamboo that have been sliced into short pieces. Later, the abundance of nearby bamboo and the area’s accessibility was considered. There is a risk that the bamboo will not be sufficient if the original bamboo is brought. Additionally, sticky rice containers were initially large and cumbersome. It’s difficult to transport on long journeys.

kratib khao neow

Thus, a plan was devised to bring in bamboo and cut it into small pieces. slicing into fine sheets As a result of this, the bamboo was weaved into a container for sticky rice which is lightweight and well ventilated, allowing water vapor to dissipate. This prevents the sticky rice from becoming soggy due to the steaming process. The shoulder strap makes it simple to transport. Different shapes and sizes of the jars are also available for different purposes, such as single-serving containers of glutinous rice, which can be found in various sizes. Large enough for the complete family, medium enough for a couple of people, etc.

thai Sticky Rice Kratib

Which activities the weavers will engage in when they’re not farming. As a means of bringing people together in a creative endeavor, make basketry out of local materials. in addition to meeting the needs of their own homes and loved ones Kra Tip weaving is a common pastime among families and communities. After supper, family members will gather to assist one another with their projects. in order to warm unity, as they will be exchanging views on all facets of life when they join together to work. along with passing on knowledge to future generations through instruction to their own children and grandkids which resulted in a local wisdom that was passed down and passed on from generation to generation. The pattern of wicker products is a folk craftsmanship that is well known.  pure natural beauty.  It reflects the independence and expression of the Wicker’s ingenuity and talent. Point out the moral value in understanding the use of natural materials in harmony with the living environment.  It also maintains a cultural identity that has been passed down for a long time.


How to use Kratip Khao Neow

Its most typical function is that of a rice flask, in which sticky rice is stored.

  1. Ensure that the glutinous rice packed does not become sticky and does not adhere to your hand.
  2. It is convenient to carry, and you can take it with you wherever you go.

bamboo containers for sticky rice


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