Kaempferia drink for health from Thailand

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Kaempferia Drink is The most popular Thai herbal drink right now.

Kaempferia Drink

About Kaempferia drink: The Kaempferia plant is a native medicinal plant that has a long history of usage in both the culinary and medical fields. Traditional remedies are utilized to treat conditions affecting the mouth, such as stomatitis and mouth ulcers; to treat sinusitis and bad breath, and to assist with digestion. Increase male sexual performance A potent elixir that calms nausea and reduces dizziness, in addition to relieving aches and pains.

kaempferia parviflora health benefits

According to the findings of several studies, an extract from Kaempferia can have an effect against the SARS virus. Both before and after infection, the antiviral activity of the chemical pandurathin present in Kaempferia was demonstrated.

This was discovered during the period of time following infection. In addition to this, it has the impact of reducing the effectiveness of AIDS. Against the dengue virus, which is a member of the Flaviviridae family, and also inhibits picornavirus, which is the infectious agent behind hand, foot, and mouth disease.

Kaempferia Can help stop the spread of coronavirus

In addition to this, it was discovered that you may help put a halt to the transmission of the covid-19 virus. However, further research on laboratory animals as well as people is required. For those who are interested in bolstering their immunity with Krachai at this time, the supplement can be used in the form of food and beverages.

kaempferia parviflora health benefits

Herbs for men

When it comes to Thai herbs for guys, kaempferia parviflora is another plant that is said to have qualities that can boost sexual performance and make the man fit. As a consequence, within a certain amount of time, the black Krachai Fever emerged. are encouraged to plant, and a vast assortment of OTOP goods are made accessible to them. The announcement that black galingale is one of the five herbs that are also champion goods was made by the Ministry of Public Health.

kaempferia parviflora

Plants such as galingale, galangal, ginger, and turmeric are all members of the same family as kaempferia. kaempferia parviflora extract Wall. ex Baker is the name given to it in the scientific community. It is known as black ginger in English because to the fact that its rhizome is quite similar to ginger. However, the inside of the flesh has a dark purple tint. The Black Galingale is a kind of plant that is indigenous to the tropical Southeast Asian region.

kaempferia parviflora extract

Types of Kaempferia in Thailand

In Thailand, you may find kamikaze drink growing wild in the country’s many mountains. At this time, it is being farmed in every region of Thailand at an elevation of 630 meters or more above mean sea level or higher. The provinces of Loei, Phetchabun, Phitsanulok, Chiang Mai, and Chiang Rai are mostly where the largest planting locations may be found.

On the basis of the color of the flesh in the rhizome, black galingale may be divided into two major categories: those with flesh that is purple, ranging from dark purple to black purple, and those with flesh that is yellowish or faded in color. It is due to the fact that many people have the misconception that the quality of black galingale can be determined by the color of the flesh that is found in the rhizome. When it comes to business, black galingale is frequently in demand due to the dark purple meat of the rhizome, which is thought to be of high quality. If the flesh has a light purple color to it, the galingale will be given a grade known as “purple galingale,” which is considered to be of lower quality.


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