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Hand painted Terracotta Decorate your home to look beautiful in Thai style.

Hand painted Terracotta

About Hand painted Terracotta It is the first type of container that humans have brought soil in the form of various containers. Especially clay soils can hold water well. When mixed with water, it makes the clay sticky and can be molded or molded in three dimensions without having to add other materials and burn them, resulting in a shape that stays.


hand painted terracotta tile

Hand painted Terracotta has had a connection with human life since prehistoric times because humans have used them as tools in everyday life, food and things are packed. So, there have been inventions and improvements in various technologies all the time. Thailand found that from around the 15-16 Buddhist century onwards.

In the area of the Kingdom of Thailand appeared scattered kilns in many places including the discovery of some terracotta, both produced from kilns in the Kingdom of Thailand and produced from overseas furnace sources which have been brought to use and sold to certain ethnic groups. This terracotta was produced and decorated with techniques and different patterns according to the abilities of the technicians in each local or according to the geographical location of each community, some of which may have fertile soil resources. conducive to the production of pottery. In addition, because some communities have connected trade, Therefore, various influences can be passed on to another community one easily poses to create an exchange of art and technology with each other.

Subsequently, they developed their own different from how some communities may have their product development without being influenced by outside which in the first phase will be produced to use in their people first. Later, it can be developed until becoming a big industry and is sent to sell it out to nearby communities.

hand painted terracotta pots

Thai ancient terracotta

“Ceramics” means all kinds of terracotta, both glazed and unglazed. They have the same meaning as the word “Pottery”. The word “ceramic” is used to cover enameled metals such as spoons, zinc, bricks, as well as all kinds of glass, but the term “terracotta” is generally understood to have a sense of purpose. Refers to only those that are mostly uncoated and burned at a temperature not high enough. To be a texture tile (Porcelain), the term hand painted terracotta pots can cover both unglazed and glazed types, both fired. Terracotta may be classified according to important production sources, such as prehistoric pottery at Ban Chiang, Ban Prasat, and Buriram pottery. Sukhothai wares, Lanna wares, etc.

Hand painted terracotta is to bring a shapely container to decorate beautifully by drawing patterns on it. It is a unique one that indicates who this item belongs to from what country because in each country or each province itself. There will be art that is drawn differently that when you see it, you will immediately know what country this piece is from.

hand painted terracotta pots for sale Hand painted Terracotta plates Hand painted Terracotta flower pots

For example, the terracotta was made into a table lamp. It has a patterned Thai Blossom Flower on the lamp. The pattern of the Thai national flower that bloomed on the lamp was meticulously drawn by the skill of Thai craftsmen. They make it look beautiful and maintain a beautiful Thai identity. It is also popular with Thais and foreigners who like this style and like to collect handicrafts that are all made by hand.

Lastly, if anyone is interested in hand painted pots. It can be bought easily and directly to the source of the sale or you can choose to buy online. Now, it’s a channel that can buy Thai handicrafts and collect them for you to shop comfortably.


Why choose Hand painted Terracotta pots?

  • Handicraft
  • Unique design
  • Beautiful and practical
  • Affordable price
  • There is a Thai culture mixed in


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