Fried silkworm pupae crispy thailand snack you must try.

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Fried silkworm Really delicious taste, must try.

fried silkworm

About Fried silkworm, The larvae transform into silkworms in the pupa stage. Silk strands used in textile production are woven by silkworms. Farmers in rural Thailand feed their silkworms a diet of mulberry leaves until they are mature enough to enter a cocooning pod, where they undergo a metamorphosis into a chrysalis. What you see there is the actual silk thread used in the garment industry.

The villagers will carve out a new chrysalis and gather the pupae when the silkworm is a chrysalis so that we can consume it.

fried silkworm thailand are used as food in the silk processing industry to facilitate the extraction of silk threads from silk cocoons. Before molting into a pupa, it will begin spraying webs around itself. transform into a butterfly However, only a minority of silkworms develop into butterflies.

For the simple reason that we are going to boil that cocoon, the girl will remove the silk until she has used every thread in her weaving. And the leftovers are what the Isan people call “pupa.” This item is always on sale in the fried bug section of the supermarket cart.

fried silkworm thailand


Eating silkworm benefits.

Fried silkworm is a good source of protein and other nutrients despite being a small pupa that many people are afraid to eat. This is because of the pupae’s high protein content.

The protein lecithin is beneficial to brain health and development. Pupae contain up to 48.98% protein in their dry form. In addition to being high in minerals, it is also a good source of vitamins B1 and B2. contains the important fatty acids linoleic acid and linolenic acid, which the body can use to cut down on blood fat. It can even help lower the rate at which people develop heart problems.

fried silkworm pupae fried silkworm larvae hiso snack

Important chemicals with physiological effects

  • The cells in your body require the fat known as lecithin. Lecithin, which can be found in foods including soybeans, oats, eggs, milk, peanuts, cabbage, and chocolate, is transformed in the brain into acetylcholine, a chemical that acts as a messenger through nerve impulses to regulate heart rate, sleep, respiration, digestion, excretion, reproduction, and memory.
  • Sildenafil or Viagra is used to treat high blood pressure. Myocardial ischemia has the effect of treating male sexual dysfunction.

The Advantages of Pupa insects

  1. Help build and nourish the brain.
  2. Improve sexual function
  3. promoting blood vessel dilation
  4. Help prevent clogged arteries
  5. Brain function with respect to vision, adaptability, learning, and emotions
  6. Help regulate cholesterol levels in the blood arteries.
  7. Remove alcohol from the body.
  8. Reduces the death of neurons involved in memory.
  9. Stimulates the heart’s function.
  10. Help enhance sexual performance.
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