Dried Mango : The Best fruit snack from Thailand

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Dried Mango Thailand A sweet and sour snack that you must try.

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About Dried Mango: Mango that has been dried is often eaten as a snack. It has the appearance of a thin sheet, is relatively transparent, and is either yellow or yellowish-brown in hue. possesses an adequate amount of tenacity shaped like circles, flowers, or spirals, among other things. One of the techniques for preserving food that has been known since ancient times is to make a mango dried.

The method of preserving dried mango thailand by stirring is based on the following principle: Cook the fruit until it reaches a simmer, then stir in the sugar. mostly dependent on the temperature at which the mango was cooked It is a dry stirring that calls for a high proportion of sugar to be used.

The majority of them have a sugary aftertaste. sour and sweet or extremely sour in flavor By the magic that goes into making mango dried appear appetizing. is to choose for a mango that has not yet reached its peak level of ripeness. dried fruit thailand also advise using Mango Kaew, since it is the product that enjoys the greatest degree of success in the industry.

Or it may be combined with a variety of other kinds of mangoes. actually The procedure for preparing mango dried does not adhere to a predetermined set of rules or ratios for the components of the dish. The desired flavor of mango may be achieved in a variety of ways, depending on the individual who prepares it.

Mango Production Methods

You’ve earned the right to share the following instructions for making dried mango recipe. A ripe, golden glass mango is the first step; after being peeled and steeped in the alum solution for three to five minutes, it is ready to be chopped.

Chopping technique matters because delicate lines should be cut to be neither too tiny nor too large. After chopping 1 pan, transfer the contents to a pan containing sugar. crystallized sugar Put the alum into a container little bigger than your thumb and add a small amount of water. Dried frequently for at least an hour and a half.

You should have specified that a glass mango be used in addition to alum to get the desired aesthetic effect with the mango puree. In addition, if the mango is allowed to ripen too much, the resulting fruit will be black and unappealing. Remove a serving after stirring and transfer to a microwave-safe container. also dry by morning

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It is often dried on a clear plastic sheet mounted to a wooden board. Using a spoon to consume rice rather than filling a spoonful is the way of drying rice. Make rows with the salad. Layer and dry in the sun, then move to the shade for storing. Peel the mangoes the morning of drying and flip the plastic over.

To remove the plastic covering from the wooden panel, flip over a clean sponge and wipe away the dust. then repeat the process of drying it in the sun, and finally, gather It’s recommended to store things in the shade for a while to let them cool off, and then to put them in bags. You can sell it by the kilo or the kilo and a half, but wholesale and retail customers will need to pick it up from your location.

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Dried Mango is a popular dish in Thailand, and its preparation is regarded as both an ancient art and a reliable means of supporting one’s family financially. It is often thought of as a cottage business.

Benefit of Dried Mango

  1. Dried mango preservation is the process. This makes it feasible to store mango pulp for a longer time.
  2. Consume mangoes in a form, color, odor, and flavor that is distinct from eating mangoes.
  3. It increases the value of items and creates more revenue for producers.
  4. Consume and lubricate your throat.

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