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History of Boxing Bandages.

boxing bandages

About boxing bandages, Hand-tying with raw thread is another characteristic that sets Muay Thai apart from other fighting styles. the length of a standard pencil Connected into a rope that was approximately 20–25 meters in length, divided into two sections, and wound around the hand and wrist twice. Boxing gloves come in a variety of lengths to accommodate the requirements of various boxers.

A few of the natives wrapped around the arm all the way to the elbow. Knot the raw end of the yarn with the needle. When water is sprayed on the back of the flea, it creates patterns on its back that are termed spirals. These patterns are placed on the ridge of the first durian thorn. The opponent will experience discomfort due to the swelling caused by the thread that is wound in a spiral. The tying of the Muay Thai rope will assist in disengaging the finger bones, which will result in a more rigid blow.

boxing hand wraps how to bandage for boxing

The weight of the punch was more than that of a typical punch. On the other hand, if the wrap is too thick, it will cause the punching to be drawn out. In certain educational institutions, the casting of spells is combined with the act of wrapping professors in raw yarn for boxing as part of the ritual.

In certain parts of the world, there is going to be a ceremony in which spells are going to be conjured up in the raw thread. Some coaches have their students bind their hands together with the same thread that was used to create the burial seal. As a rule, the raw thread that is used for tying fists is kept for a period of years, during which time it becomes soiled with the blood and flesh of the individual to whom it was applied. Sandpaper should be the inspiration for the thread’s rough and abrasive texture.

The benefits of boxing bandages in Muay Thai


boxing gloves thailand


Another special feature of the bandage for boxing tying a rope is the method of tying the rope can tell the domicile of the Boxer Bureau, where the boxer is from, and tell about the type of fist and elbow use. For example, Korat boxing is a kick and punch boxing, with wide circles tying the fist to the elbow for protection. kick As for Muay Lop Buri, it is known as a “straight punch” boxing. The tying of the rope is only half an arm. As for southern boxing, Muay Chaiya is good at using elbows and arms.

boxing bandage wrap is therefore not much beyond the wrist to prevent overlapping or sprain only because the elbow will be used to support and use the elbow to hit the body. If someone wants to wrap a long thread because they also want to use their fists to cover their face when the boxer is dressed in a talisman. Passed the ritual with magic spells must be careful.

Do not walk under low objects or touch objects believed to weaken magic. When entering the boxing ring, everyone jumps over the ring rope cause they believe that going through a rope that has already been crossed by someone else or has brought something low, such as shoes, pants, and some utensils may deteriorate talismans and spells. Therefore, we often see Thai boxers, especially professional Thai boxers, be very careful about this.

boxing hand wraps how to.

boxing bandages how to wrap

  1. Choose boxing bandages with a thumb loop and a zip. This will help wrap your wrist more comfortably.
  2. Start by inserting your thumb into the loop of the handkerchief.
  3. Then wrap it around the back of your hand. Ready to pull the fabric to be taut.
  4. Later, wrap around the wrist 3-4 times, depending on the length of the hand bandage chosen. because the longer it is, the more it can be wrapped around which helps support the wrist better
  5. Then move up to wrap around the palm 3-4 times as well, which in each wrap then pull the fabric taut.
  6. Then wrap the cloth in an X shape by crossing it up into the gap between the little finger and ring finger. and wrap it back up through the gap between the index finger and thumb.
  7. Wrap an X in the gap between the remaining fingers. which is between the ring finger and middle finger between the middle and index fingers.
  8. Pull the cloth taut and wrap the cloth around the thumb one time
  9. Next, turn the palm of your hand up to wrap the cloth for the thumb lock by wrapping around the wrist and thumb.
  10. Then wrap the cloth around the palm 3-4 more times, wrap it tightly. The rest of the fabric is used to wrap the wrist alternating with the palm as far as possible. then close with a zipper.
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