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Thai Boxing Gloves Good quality and cool pattern.

Thai Boxing Gloves

About Thai Boxing Gloves Boxers must wear gloves to protect their hands while clenching their fists during a fight to avoid injury. Disperses the force of a boxer’s fists and helps prevent fractures or metacarpal bone fractures by acting as a cushion safeguarding participants on both sides


A look of boxing gloves


If you’ve never seen a boxing glove before, you’re in for a treat! The ridge of the punch is cushioned by rubber or sponge pads wrapped around a leather material. Cestus, a type of boxing glove made of leather-covered in metal, was used in Roman times as a weapon of attack rather than to protect the wearer from harm.

Thai Boxing Gloves are now available in a variety of shapes to accommodate a variety of punching styles. Boxing gloves can come in a variety of colors and patterns. However, in general competitions, such as boxing or Thai boxing, red and blue are the only colors that are used.


Thai Boxing

The ounce weight of a pair of mitts is used to standardize their size. They can weigh anywhere from 4 to 16 ounces. If the ounce is small, so is the mitt. In amateur boxing, gloves weighing 10 ounces are the norm. to limit harm as much as possible It’s not so light that punches lose their power and agility, but it’s not light either.

Even though 14 ounces or more of boxing gloves are commonly used to provide maximum protection against injury while training with heavier gloves, this is not the case for most people. Gloves weighing more than 10 ounces are preferred by young boxers because they provide better protection and reduce knockout rates.



Thai Boxing Gloves brands

Effects of muay thai gloves thailand on the Safety and Injuries of Athletes


Thai boxing gloves brands are debated as to whether they protect athletes from injury. However, it is widely accepted that it reduces fracture injuries from a blow to the bony ridges. By absorbing the distance from the fist’s blade, it helps to keep the nose bridge from breaking.

It’s still common for amateur boxers to suffer from nosebleeds caused by capillaries bursting at the tip of their noses after a middle-of-the-face mitt. Retina tears and bleeding around the lens of the eye may also be reduced by boxing gloves. Even so, bruising around the eye socket is still a possibility. The impact of boxing gloves on traumatic brain injury is a hotly debated topic.

Many studies and recommendations from the British Medical Association show that boxing gloves do not reduce brain injuries and may have more serious effects. Boxers don’t have to worry about breaking their hands because they don’t have to use bare fists anymore.

Brain damage may not be immediately noticeable. But it will lead to long-term degeneration of the brain and nerve tissue, which will cause many diseases in the long run. The use of boxing gloves, as opposed to just bare fists, has been shown in several studies to reduce acute mortality in the ring.

thai boxing gloves Thai Boxing Gloves sale

Benefits of using thai boxing gloves


  • The gloves will protect your hands from injury when hitting the boxing sack.
  • Comfortable to wear and easy to use.
  • The material of the boxing gloves is strong making them possible to use for a long time.
  • Helps you exercise in boxing for longer. Because the boxing gloves will absorb the impact of every punch you make.
  • Improve your boxing skills and exercise.
  • When exercising longer helps improve heart health and blood flow.
  • More confidence during boxing or exercise.


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