Phi Phi Island: A Comprehensive Travel Guide

When you visit Thailand, Phi Phi Island is definitely one of those locations that you shouldn’t skip out on seeing. The island, or more accurately, the islands, became highly popular when some great sequences from the movie “The Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio were shot there, but it continues to be a favorite destination in Thailand for many other reasons. Not only is it located between amazing tourist hubs like Phuket and Krabi [Phi Phi actually belongs to Krabi Province], it has stunning features and activities to keep you busy, while it still remains as a tropical, laid back island where there are no cars or roads. Not only that, but it also belongs to the province of Krabi.

Phi Phi Island

Do not let the fact that koh phi phi island is considered to be an overly touristic destination discourage you from going there since it is so stunningly lovely. There’s a good reason why there are so many tourists in Koh Phi Phi: the islands are breathtaking and one of a kind. Discover ways to make the most of the experience despite the presence of other people so that you don’t have to cross it off your vacation schedule. Your experience, as well as the island itself, will be enhanced if you choose excursions, hotels, and activities that are environmentally friendly or socially responsible. Additionally, if you remain there for more than one day, you will have the opportunity to gently appreciate the island, which will result in the most memorable experience possible.

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Activities that should not be missed while visiting Phi Phi Island

Personally, I think of phi phi island thailand as a teeny-tiny slice of paradise since it is encircled by stunningly beautiful beaches with white sand and turquoise sea. Phi Phi is a lovely island that offers a wide variety of activities; thus, you should plan to spend at least a few days on this destination, regardless of whether you want to go on exciting excursions or simply unwind by the water. Because there is so much to see and do on Phi Phi Island, it is essential that you plan to be there for at least three full days. Only then will you have the time to see everything the island has to offer.

Since Phi Phi Don is the only inhabited island in the Phi Phi Islands, you’ll need to take a boat to visit any of the other islands, which is an experience you won’t want to pass up. Therefore, taking a boat excursion should be at the top of your to-do list when you visit Phi Phi island.

Boat tours of Phi Phi Island are an absolute need

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The majority of phi phi island tours boat trips will take you to the island’s most popular attractions, such as Pileh Lagoon, Bamboo Island, Maya Bay, Monkey Beach, Viking Cave, Loh Samah Bay, Nui Bay, and Long Beach. Other popular destinations include Long Beach and Viking Cave. In Phi Phi, you will have the opportunity to go scuba diving, swimming, watching adorable monkeys play on the white beach, and relaxing in one of the island’s many one-of-a-kind settings.

It is essential that you are aware that Maya Bay is now accessible to the public after being closed for many years due to conservation efforts. You are welcome to take a stroll on ‘The Beach,’ snap a few pictures, or even go for a dip in the water all around the.

You can choose to go on one of the numerous tours that are offered on the island. The Pirate Boat and the Gold Day Tour are both excellent alternatives for groups, and you can get more information from one of the many tour shops that are located all over the island. You also have the option of renting a private speedboat or a traditional longtail boat and embarking on a trip that is tailored according to your interests. Check out this incredible Private Half-Day Longtail Boat Tour, which visits all of the most beautiful spots in the area. The Private Sunset and Bioluminescent Plankton Boat Tour is yet another fantastic alternative.

Scuba Diving in the Phi Phi Islands

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What to do phi phi island? If you are someone who enjoys being near or on the water, a boat tour of Phi Phi Island may not be exciting or fulfilling enough for you. If this is the case, you may consider taking the adventure to the next level. How about some scuba diving off the coast of Koh Phi Phi? You are going to be blown away by the variety of things that may be found in the undersea environment there. There are so many fish, Nemos, corals, turtles, and even friendly sharks, not to mention a rainbow of hues and an abundance of life. It’s quite similar to swimming in a fish tank. You don’t even have to be an expert to do this; all you need to do to get some practice is sign up for an activity called “Discover Scuba Dive.” Believe me when I say that there are many amazing dive sites scattered around the islands, but my personal favorite is located on Koh Bida Nok.


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