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Halal food Bangkok, The city of Bangkok is incredibly varied and cosmopolitan, and as a result, it features restaurants serving food from all over the world. However, out of all of them, only a select handful are halal, and some of them are so hidden from public view that it is next to impossible to locate them. Because of these factors, we have ranked the five best halal restaurants in Bangkok and provided the list for your convenience. The cuisine served at each establishment is halal and has the ideal balance of flavors and scents. Even though all of them have menus that are accommodating to Muslims, the food there is great enough for anybody to appreciate.


halal food bangkok

Here is a list of Halal food Bangkok restaurants.

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Usman Thai Muslim Food Halal food Bangkok

Usman Thai Muslim Food is a restaurant serving the Muslim community that can be found on Sukhumvit 22. They have been in business for over 17 years and provide authentic home-cooked Thai food. The restaurant’s signature dishes, such as Tom Yum, deep-fried seabass, crab curry, and papaya salad, are among the menu’s most notable offerings. We suggest that you finish off your meal with a creamy and sugary delight by ordering their Mango and Sticky Rice. The dining area exudes coziness with its furnishings made of dark wood and blue tablecloths. In addition, Benjasiri Park is only a short distance away from the restaurant, making it an ideal place for guests who are touring the park to take a break and refuel. The costs are reasonable, which is an additional perk, in addition to the top-notch service provided by the helpful and welcoming employees.

Sinthorn Steak House Halal Restaurant

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The Sinthorn Steak House halal food at bangkok is where you should go. Because of the high quality of the food and the welcoming atmosphere, it has quickly become one of the most well-known halal restaurants in Bangkok. The premium steaks are grilled to perfection and have such a high moisture content that they will practically dissolve in your mouth. In addition to that, they have a Shabu and Grill buffet, which consists of a wide variety of fresh items, ranging from chicken and fish to veggies. However, it is not the end of the story. On top of that, they have a wonderful assortment of dishes from various cultures, ranging from Thai to Mediterranean, that you can choose from on the menu. You are more than welcome to invite all of your family members to join you for supper at this restaurant because it is roomy and has plenty of fresh air. The service is outstanding, and everyone working here is really kind and attentive. To put the icing on the cake, the cost of such a delectable feast is not too expensive.

Maedah Restaurant

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Maedah Restaurants serves a fusion of Thai, Arabic, and Turkish food, and bangkok halal food is well worth a visit if you find yourself in Pratunam. This little small restaurant has a vast menu, with over 8 different kinds of Fried Rice on it alone. Pattaya Fried Rice and Baked Rice with Shrimp served in a Pineapple are two of our favorites among these options. Other dishes that deserve special recognition are their steamed fish, which has a spicy and sour flavor, and their papaya salad. They provide a variety of hot and cold drinks, including the delicious and refreshing Thai iced tea, to complement the foods that you order. Choose one of their creamy sweets to round off your meal, and if you’re looking for a recommendation, the Sago and Corn in Coconut Cream is a fantastic option.

Sophia Halal Bangkok

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The Sophia halal restaurant bangkok, which is run by Muslims, serves delectable Thai and Halal cuisine. Although it is located in a rather inconvenient part of town, both natives and long-term residents find the venue to be enjoyable. This is in large part owing to the sophisticated interior, which has walls and décor in a light mint green and white furnishings. It also plays home to a large number of special events and in the past has provided catering for weddings. The Garlic Fried with Chicken and Green Curry Spaghetti with Grilled Fish are two dishes that come highly recommended from our table. They make all of the dishes from scratch every single day, and they provide a variety of classic Thai sweets, such as their Coconut Milk with Sweet Potatoes.


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