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One day in Bangkok: Discover the Real Bangkok in One Day With No Other Tourists in Sight!

what to do in one day in bangkok You all know Bangkok. Whether you know it by its name, from the movies, or because you spend the night here on the way to Koh Samui, this island is famous. Today I would like to share a trip with my best experience as a one tourist in Bangkok, Thailand and HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY!

When you hear the name “Bangkok,” the first thing that comes to mind is probably a really hectic metropolis, and you would not be incorrect about that. By a significant margin, Bangkok is Thailand’s most populous city. In point of fact, its population of around 8.2 million people accounts for close to 13% of Thailand’s total populace.

one day in bangkok what to do In addition to that, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire globe. To tell you the truth, however, the majority of people only go to the most popular tourist destinations such as Wat Pho, The Grand Palace, and the MBK. We are not implying that these locations do not have any attractions worth visiting; nevertheless, what if we told you that there is so much more to find and do in areas where there are virtually no tourists? We are going to show you the “unseen” side of Bangkok in this section.

one day in bangkok

Sightseeing Trip of a Day

How to spend one day in Bangkok? Lets go to Klong Maha Sawat Floating Market

what to do in one day in bangkok

In spite to its stunning islands, beaches, and temples, 1 day in bangkok Thailand is home to some of the cultural practices that are most emblematic of the country. These include rural and agricultural customs, as well as tight-knit village communities. Rice, silk, and other culinary products from Thailand are famous all over the world, and the country of Thailand is sometimes referred to as the “kingdom of farmers.”

They drove us all the way to the canal in Nakhon Pathom, where we boarded a rowboat. We were forced to wait for our boat, but during that time, we were able to feed the catfish that lived in the canal (it is really something you should experience once.

one day in bangkok what to do

After boarding the boat, our first stop along the canal was at a breathtaking lotus farm. Everyone who visits Thailand at least once is aware that the lotus is a sacred flower and a representation of the highest level of moral rectitude. The fact that lotus flowers may be used in both culinary and medicinal applications and that they can be grown throughout the year makes them a viable crop for farmers in the area. Peach walked us through the cultivation process, and we were given the opportunity to harvest some of the fruit and prepare it in the same manner as it is prepared to be presented as a gift in temples.

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The second place we went was a rice hamlet called Ban Saladin. There, you could sample some wonderful goodies like crispy rice crackers coated in pork as well as salted goose eggs, which are a specialty of the area. The one day trip from bangkok locals, including Peach, are a wealth of knowledge regarding the cultivation and preparation of regional cuisine, and they are happy to provide tastings of their wares.

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We get the opportunity to look at the abundant mango trees, guava trees, gigantic jackfruit trees, and prize-winning pomelo trees that are growing along the banks of Khlong Mahasawat from a tractor trailer that is being driven by an aspiring Formula One race car driver. It was hilarious to say the least! Your driver suddenly flings his three-meter-long handlebars to the right or left, throwing his whole body into the movement, so that you can easily navigate the turns as you pick up speed among the woods and streams. You gaze worriedly ahead at the next bend.

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The destination on the canal is a collection of orchid farms that cultivate blooms specifically for export. Orchids grown in Thailand are renowned for their exquisite appearance, and the country is the world’s leading supplier of orchids to international markets. The only thing they need to thrive one day in bangkok is an adequate supply of water, and most of them are either planted in coconut husks or just hung from baskets. If you are searching for some lovely flowers to decorate your home, here is the place to come because you can purchase them here at excellent costs, whether they are fresh cut or seedlings. If you are seeking for some blooms to decorate your home, come here.


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